Dallas East Community Information

Living in Dallas means more than just enjoying the warm climate and lack of personal or corporate state income tax. While those are undeniable benefits, Dallas offers layer after layer of culture, history, entertainment and prosperity. Those who have called the city home for generations take pride in the many acclamations given to Dallas over the years.

As the seat of Dallas County and located on the Trinity River, Dallas is the second largest city in Texas and the 8th largest in the country. The city makes up the largest part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, a large metropolitan area in Northern Texas that has grown to a population of 6 million people. The Metroplex produces computer and other high-technology products. Dallas is considered an industrial, commercial and financial center. The center of the Southwest for financial industries, the city hosts bank and insurance company headquarters for leading providers in the nation. Oil refineries, transportation manufacturers and meatpacking plants are just a few more of the many businesses that contribute to Dallas' thriving economy and low unemployment rate. Time and again, Dallas has been named one of the 10 best cities to balance work and family. Due to an excellent transportation infrastructure, commutes are kept to a minimum. The Dallas-Fort Worth airport is one of the busiest in the nation.

When it comes to theater, art, music, dining and more, residents of East Dallas have access to the area's large collection of cultural and entertainment facilities. Sixty acres of downtown Dallas were developed into the largest arts district in the nation. Museums, theaters, and concert venues entertain thousands each day. The eclectic neighborhood of Deep Ellum lies just outside of the arts district and hosts local musicians and artists of all styles. Cafes, boutiques, galleries and music venues line the streets.

More than 20,000 acres of the city are designated parks where locals engage in nearly every kind of recreational activity under the sun. Native flora and fauna abound in the parks and are preserved both by the city and local community programs. Outdoor enthusiasts can choose from a variety of activities on any given day from boating to skydiving. Sports fans cheer on popular professional teams and line up at basketball, hockey, baseball and football venues like the American Airlines Center. There are 31 colleges and universities located within a 30-mile radius of Dallas, providing renowned educational opportunities and allowing thousands more to call Dallas home each year.

The city of Dallas is steeped in history and its residents are rich with pride in their city's landscape, culture and sense of community. While the housing prices are still reasonable, now is the time to join the ever-growing list of proud citizens enjoying an ideal quality of life in East Dallas.

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